studio koya


Posted on October 20, 2012

Nuue, originally called Wrapped Garment project, is named after a Korean word means cocoon.


Wrapping synthetic fibre around a desired form such as a wooden mannequin or a board. Through a heating process with pressure, wound fibre transforms itself into a 3-dimensional moulded garment bringing expected and unexpected sculptural silhouettes with flexible texture. The garment can be completed with only unitary fibre and heat. This technique reduces processes of making fabric from fibre, also from fabric to garment such as making/cutting pattern, and sawing. Therefore there is no leftover or wastage of material in this process.

Jungeun has been experimenting and researching unconventional methods of creating garments. Rethinking about the fundamental process of producing a garment has led her to the Nuue project. The conceptual garments and products that have been created through the discovered technique display the potential of this idea and a journey that she will continue to develop.


Posted on October 19, 2012

Solving the problems around a traditional spout by providing a ‘roof’ for liquid to run underneath.


Pouring from the spout on a teapot for example, it drips, liquid tends to gather around the edges creating limescale and it is a difficult shape to access for washing. The spout also faces upwards, offering an opening for any dust or particles to enter the vessel, when left on the table. Roofers solve these problems by removing the spout from the vessel and replacing it underneath the lid. The ‘roof’ has no opening, so protects the contents, while the curve pushes the liquid back into the vessel after pouring, which prevents any drips forming.


There are three types of object; jugs, a thermos and teapot. It works with any kind of liquid, without large solids; hot or cold water, milk, tea, coffee, orange juice (with bits), soy sauce, various oils etc.


Posted on October 18, 2012

A small desk lamp made out of a sheet of leather, containing no framework.


The whole structure can be created simply, with a single fold and fixing the symmetrical edges by hand, and that makes two different surfaces/textures of leather appear at on the stand and shade. Light source is using LED, which faces upwards inside the shade to make the soft light reflection.